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Change Training’s mission is to generate change in people’s behavior, and to help our customers improve business performances leading to greater profits.

Thanks to our 25 years of experience and success, projects in over 30 countries worldwide for leading companies in each sector, today we are able to guide our clients to speeding up their business activity. Although each project is tailor-made to the individual customer, we apply the same six categories systematically and rigorously:

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales assessment
  • Management skills support
  • Local and international business development

Sales training

Too often wonderful training activities fail to have a long-term impact. This is typically due to the following reasons: insufficient analysis of the improvement levers on which to act with training and projects, without reinforcements and long-term follow-ups, which then generate disruptive effects only in the short term and then exhaust their effectiveness.

The Change Training approach to training subverts these shortcomings. We work with great care in discovering needs, with accurate check ups able to grasp the areas on which training must take priority actions. We also always build projects with a ong-term view, con follow up, coaching activities, affiancamenti, which guarantee a lasting impact on sales performance.

Sales consulting

Increasing sales, requires great analytical skills before intervening. In fact, the intervention levers are many. You can intervene on the skill of the sellers, on how to manage the customer portfolio , on the lead generationprocess, on incentive systems, on the structure of the commercial network and much more. For this reason, an effective consultancy aimed to improving sales performance starts from a study of the current process and then intervenes without failing on the areas with the greatest impact, and then takes steps to optimize the results.

Change Training supports you with an expert consultant in the sales process measurement of your performance.

The consulting activity, customized to clients’ needs, typically moves on two possible areas:

  • Development of the acquisition and closing of deals with new costumers, with particular emphasis on the lead generation process and the improvement of sales capabilities.
  • Development of the average turnover on the already existing customers, with reorganization of the portfolio management, training to support the account management, and development of cross-selling and up-selling activities.

Sales coaching

How often do we have the impression that a salesman or a business figure can’t release all their potential in sales performance? In this case, sales coaching activities can make a huge difference by setting in motion processes of individual and group improvement.
We normally work on individual coaching or in small groups o guide the actions of the salesmen, keep them constantly oriented to the results , develop their skills and lead them to achieve never obtained before performances..

Sales assessment

Assessment activities very often tend to measure personal attitudes or skills as predictive elements of the performance. This is only partially correct.
Thanks to the partnership with Giunti Psycholabs, a company belonging to the Giunti publishing group specialized in assessment tests, Change Training it’s focused exclusively on tests, aimed at measuring the potential of the salesman or a specific professional figure. This makes the assessment highly predictive and strategic, both in the selection phase and in the career advancement.

Management Skill Support

The business development of a company often requires supportive interventions, not necessarily addressed exclusively to the business figures, but in any case aimed at growing in turnover and profits. This area includes both consulting and training activities such as:

  • Teamworking e team building
  • Development of the ability to perform public speaking and sales pitch
  • Development of leadership and the ability to manage work teams
  • Development of the ability to organize successful meetings
  • Development of the ability to perform recruitment effectively
  • Development project e time management capabilities
  • Reorganization of processes and internal job description
  • Construction of management control and budgeting tools

Local and international Business Development

Would you like to open new markets, in Italy or abroad, but your current business structure make the route difficult? Your competitor is growing at double digits, thanks to the opening of new markets like Asia or the United States, and you would like to look at these new opportunities as well? The solution, immediate and effective, is to approach a business development project. Thanks to our division specialized in international business development (Italian Trade Centre) we are able to support you with a dedicated consultant that opens new channels for you. We have business development consultants in over 40 countries worldwide. This will allow you, thanks to a shared CRM, to follow the development of your business in the target markets constantly. All this, will be in perfect harmony with your business structure and with the benefit of transferring skills as well as real business.

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